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Single coating Non-destructive testing Non-magnetic coatings on ferromagnetic materials Paint, enamel or plastic coatings on steel.


The Permascope® MP0R is designed for quick an easy measurements. This economic instrument accurately and conveniently displays the coating thickness readings on two LCD displays: on a large front panel display and a top panel display. It features an ergonomic design with an integrated constant pressure probe allowing easy one hand operation. Possibility of statistical evaluation of measurement series and integrated radio transmitter for wireless online or offline transmission of the measurements directly to a computer 10 – 20 m (33 – 66 feet) away.

$845.00 plus shipping


The DUALSCOPE® FMP20 COLOR uses both the magnetic induction and the eddy current test method. It offers an economical solution if applications call for measurements on ferromagnetic and on non-ferrous materials and if there is no need for hard copy documentation. It will automatically recognize the material to be measured and utilize the appropriate test method. The DUALSCOPE® FMP20 also features a unique and easy-to-read, 60 x 30 mm (2.4" x 1.2") LCD display. The information packed display makes operation incomparably simple. Displayed information includes individual measurement data, measurement number, statistical data, Cp and Cpk, product specification limit violation, date, time, icons and symbols to indicate operation mode and settings, and two text lines for 16 alphanumeric or freely definable symbols per line to display data and operator prompts.

$895.00 plus shipping

A probe must also be purchased to operate this unit


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